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We offer our clients the most convenient solution for each of their requirements. Our wide variety of services makes it possible to address any linguistic need effectively. Our languages are English, Spanish and Portuguese, so we can serve companies seeking results in the Latin-American, North-American, and European markets.

We are in a privileged time zone, which allows us to provide personalized attention and maintain constant communication throughout project execution, regardless of your location. We are expert, flexible project managers. The quality and usability of the final product is our biggest driver, and customer satisfaction is our guiding goal.

Our services can be combined on-demand.


The translation of documents is the heart of our daily activities. To translate a text and have it reach the recipient successfully, it is necessary to know the importance, not only of the words but also of the ideas, concepts, context, and intention of the original text. We make sure your deadlines and business goals are always met by sending your files and documents to expert translators specialized in multiple fields of knowledge. We translate all types of texts and documents in any format or file extension. We guarantee the best results and the best delivery times.





Text revision is the area of services where more specialization, knowledge, and experience are required. Specific skills are needed to be able to refine the first interpretation of a text and maximize its results. This stage of the translation process calls for a critical eye that every text needs to achieve excellence and meet internationally recognized quality standards. We keep up to date on the latest academic style guidelines. Our linguists receive ongoing training to provide a service that exceeds all quality expectations.



Desktop publishing (DTP)

If your content features graphic design, regardless of the original file extension, we have all the tools available on the market to reproduce any format and deliver the translated files in the native software in which they were created. Our DTP specialists are also language experts that understand the challenges of their tasks and know how to deal with them successfully. Working with all the design tools available on the market allows us to produce translated documents ready for printing or publication, which means time and money saved for our clients.




Dubbing and voice over

If you need to turn subtitles or other translated text into an audio file, we have fully equipped and experienced voice-over professionals and audiovisual specialists who will conduct voice recording based on the requirements specified in your work order. Whether it is a sales presentation, an institutional video, or a training course, our voice-over artists will adapt to each project. Just let us know the accent and language variants that you need.




  • Thanks, Diana, for your great work so far.

    Sonja – General Manager, Multilanguage Service Provider

  • Our company has been confidently outsourcing English to Spanish translation/editing and QA work to Dictum Translation Solutions for many years. I heartily recommend their services - always on time with great quality.

    Casey – Project Manager, Multilanguage Service Provider

  • It is a real pleasure working with Diana and Dictum Translation Solutions. I strongly recommend them!!

    Mariela – Linguist and Collaborator


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